7 Oct 2016

Pacific Forum welcomes Paris Agreement's ratification

7:45 pm on 7 October 2016
Dame Meg Taylor was Secretary General of the Pacific Islands Forum between 2014 and 2021.

Dame Meg Taylor Photo: AFP

The Pacific Islands Forum has welcomed the ratification of the Paris Agreement which will now enter into force in the first week of November.

The Forum's Secretary General, Dame Meg Taylor, says this is a pivotal moment for the planet and a lifeline for the most vulnerable people of the Pacific.

Dame Meg says Pacific countries need urgent action on climate change and the speed with which the countries of the world have responded to the call for action is inspiring.

She says at the annual Forum summit last month, Pacific leaders were united in their call to remaining Forum members, partners and other countries to ratify the agreement as soon as possible.

In a statement she says 14 Forum members have ratified the agreement.