19 Sep 2016

Fiji deports two foreign managers

3:55 am on 19 September 2016

Fiji's immigration department has deported two foreign employees of a construction company.

The FBC reports the two were declared persona non grata - a term normally used in diplomacy.

The two were employees of MWH Global, a multinational which is the lead contractor for the Fiji Roads Authority.

The broadcaster says the two employees, whose nationalities have not been disclosed, are understood to be a construction manager and a maintenance manager, who were deported on Friday.

In a statement issued in Australia, MWH says neither it nor its employees were aware of the reasons for the declaration.

It refused to make any further comment.

The immigration department, too, has refused to comment further.

Earlier this month, it was reported that MWH and the Fiji Roads Authority were engaged in a payment dispute believed to be worth millions of dollars.