14 Sep 2016

Fiji chief says no safety plan for upcoming cyclone season

6:11 am on 14 September 2016

Villages in remote Fiji say they don't have a safety plan in place to prepare for the upcoming cyclone season.

People are still living in leaky tents on Koro.

People are still living in leaky tents on Koro. Photo: RNZI/Alex Perrottet

Cyclone Winston killed eight people on Koro Island in February and destroyed most of its houses.

Many villages are moving coastal homes to higher ground, and although building supplies are now arriving, they are awaiting land clearing, piping and drainage work to be done before they build.

Niko Komainavoka, who lives in Naqaidamu, said the whole village crammed into one concrete house during the cyclone and they may have to do the same again.

"Safety plan is rebuilding what we've got right now, we have to have a safe house just in case the hurricane season comes. At the moment there's no safe house, maybe there's a concrete house there, just fix it up and stay there," he said.

Niko Komainavoka said progress had been slow in his village and the tents they are living in are now leaking.