31 Aug 2016

PNG authorities say betel nut spot fines working

11:59 am on 31 August 2016

Authorities in the Papua New Guinea capital Port Moresby say spot fines for betel nut chewing are working well.

A US$155 fine was brought in this month to deter people from chewing the nut in public.

The Post Courier reports people who couldn't come up with the fine have been doing community work, cleaning up around police stations and public places.

Betel Nut, or Buai

Betel Nut, or Buai Photo: Banni Pulikottil CC BY 2.5

The National Capital District Commission's urban safety manager Paul Komboi told the paper many people had been arrested, some have paid up and others were cautioned and released.

He says people are slowly appreciating the goal is for a clean healthy city.

Mr Komboi says bus drivers and crews will also be targeted for allowing passengers to chew on the buses.