30 Aug 2016

Lack of water could send Solomons students home

2:14 pm on 30 August 2016

Parents of students at the Aligegeo secondary school in Malaita in Solomon Islands are pushing for the government to step in and solve a severe water problem.

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Aligegeo school may have to close down if the water supply is not repaired. Photo: 123RF

The Solomon Star reports the school's water situation is critical, with a warning it could close down in two weeks.

The site of the school's water supply has been disrupted by natural causes, leaving it with nothing to pump into its system.

A spokesman for the parents of the 550 students at Aligegeo said the school's water situation can only be addressed by the national and provincial governments.

The school's principal, Javin Rukia had said earlier his administration couldn't fix they problem and that it needs a much larger intervention from responsible agencies.

He said they are running out of options and are planning to send the students home within the next two weeks.