27 Aug 2016

Solomons political parties discuss reforms

8:26 am on 27 August 2016

The chairman of the Solomon Islands Political Party Commission, Sir Paul Tovua, says political parties need to be strong enough to support stable leadership.

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Photo: RNZI Koroi Hawkins

Sir Paul has been speaking at a discussion on electoral systems involving representatives of the country's political parties.

They are considering how different electoral systems could work in the Solomons context.

Sir Paul says the reforms to the electoral and political parties system being considered by the Government may see changes to the Electoral Act and the Political Parties Act.

He says one way to improve the strength of political parties is to improve the way elections are conducted.

But Sir Paul says it is critical that if a change is made to the voting system, it must be the right system for Solomon Islands, one that allows the country to grow and mature politically.