11 Aug 2016

Concerns illegal guns pose threat to PNG election

5:20 am on 11 August 2016

A former army commander said he was concerned the proliferation of illegal guns in Papua New Guinea will threaten security during next year's general election.

Retired Major General Jerry Singirok is challenging the Government to revisit a 2005 report on gun control and rid the country of illegal firearms before the election.

He said politicians must take ownership of the issue as the lives of citizens will be at stake when they go to the polls.

"Many people are going to be voting under duress or will not vote for fear of intimidation, of being shot at, or a lot of places people will just refuse to go and vote because of the presence of illegal guns, simple as that."

"The use of illegal guns is rampant in PNG and is the biggest single threat to society" he said.