4 Aug 2016

Nauru opposition MP says returned Govt has plenty to do

8:36 am on 4 August 2016

The Nauru Government has a number of pressing issues to attend to this term according to a re-elected Nauru opposition MP.

Riddell Akua, who won the Anabar / Ijuw/ Anibare constituency, will again be an opposition MP, along with Kieren Keke and Sean Oppenheimer, who won seats in the Yaren and Ewa/Anetan constituencies respectively.

Mr Akua said Nauru would mark 50 years since independence in 2018, during the current term, and the country was also due to host the Pacific Islands Forum in the same year.

He said he hoped the government would address the issue of repairing the phosphate mining infrastructure, as well as upgrade the Menen Hotel, which he said would hopefully be used during the Forum.

"They will need to revamp that if they are expecting to hold the Forum in 2018, and they better start doing it now, because that's quite ruined."

"I mean it hasn't been maintained and it's in an old, old state, and was built in the 70s to hold the Forum then," he said.