3 Aug 2016

Former Nauru MPs to petition court over election 'corruption'

4:30 am on 3 August 2016

Several unsuccessful former members of Nauru's parliament are putting together an election petition, claiming some electorates were rigged and voters were bribed in the July 9 election.

The government was returned at the poll, with Baron Waqa retaining the presidency.

Prior to the election, a number of MPs and other new candidates claimed the government had bribed civilians to vote for it, by giving some people preferences in a housing project, and offering gifts, including free flights.

Now they say at least three electorates had inconsistencies.

They plan to file a single petition with the Court of Electoral Disputes before the August 10 deadline, possible as early as this Thursday.

The President, Baron Waqa, has already passed legislation in the house to enable him to appoint assistant ministers.

That move accounts for all MPs apart from two government backbenchers, the parliament's speaker, and three members of the opposition.