25 Jul 2016

Leader appointed for Fiji free expression project

11:12 am on 25 July 2016

The leader of a project to stimulate free expression in Fiji has been appointed by the British Council and Save the Children.

Funded by the European Union, Sivendra Michael will co-ordinate the social change project, Valuing Voices, for the next 30 months, which aims to empower youth and strengthen civil society.

Mr Michael said by nurturing artistic expression on digital platforms it is hoped marginalised communities will learn to advocate for their own interests.

"It's going to be a fundamental change to the way people are able to express themselves and the way people will be able to advocate for the issues of their concern. So that we can generate discussions, discussions that may be taboo in some contexts."

Mr Michael said some of the issues he hopes will be addressed through the Valuing Voices project include gender based violence and child labour.