11 Jul 2016

More results in from Nauru elections

12:06 pm on 11 July 2016

Three Nauru MPs who had been suspended from the last Parliament have lost their seats in the country's general election

Former Nauru president Sprent Dabwido

Former Nauru president Sprent Dabwido Photo: supplied

Former President Sprent Dabwido and Squire Jeremiah lost out to top polling candidate Tawaki Kam, with Vodrick Detsiogo and Lionel Aingimea in the three member Meneng seat

In Boe constituency former Justice Minister Mathew Batsiua was beaten by Asterio Appi, who secured the most votes just ahead of the president in the previous government, Baron Waqa, who takes the second seat.

Another former president Marcus Stephen also lost his seat in the Anetan constituency where the two members will be Cyril Buraman and Sean Oppenheimer.

Another MP who had been suspended in the previous parliament, Dr Kieren Keke, kept his seat in the Yaren constituency, along with Charmaine Scotty who topped the poll there by a wide margin.

Charmaine Scotty was the only woman in the last parliament.

In Ubenide constituency, David Adeang, Justice Minister in the last parliament, was the top polling candidate there, followed by Ranin Akua, Russ Kunn and then Valdon Dowiyogo.

Meanwhile, an interim injunction was placed on polling at the Aiwo constituency by the Supreme Court.

The Electoral Commissioner said this came after Tazio Gideon, whose nomination to stand in Aiwo was not accepted, had challenged the Commission.

The Supreme Court announced late on Friday that voting in the two member constituency would be adjourned until the legal matter was resolved.

But reports from the island said voting did get underway for a period in Aiwo and then stopped again.

Mr Gideon ran in 2012 in Aiwo.

He was the lowest polling candidate on that occasion.