9 Jul 2016

Voting gets underway in Nauru

10:08 am on 9 July 2016

Polling stations are now open in Nauru for the 2016 general election.

Nearly eight thousand eligible voters are expected to cast their ballots today.

Sixty seven candidates, four of whom are women, are competing for 19 parliamentary seats across Nauru's eight multi-member constituencies.

Twelve polling stations opened at nine o'clock this morning and will close at six o'clock this evening, and voters will rank candidates in order of preference using a technique called the Dowdall Borda system.

Voters have been enrolled automatically and failure to cast a ballot carries a 15 dollar fine.

Results will be available on the website of the newly established and independent Nauru Electoral Commission, election.com.nr, where full results are expected to be available on Sunday morning.

Election observers from the Commonwealth, the Pacific Forum and the British High Commission in Fiji have been in Nauru since Wednesday.