30 Jun 2016

Vanuatu union concerned with social media restrictions

2:16 pm on 30 June 2016

A Vanuatu union leader says the restriction of social media access to government workers will limit public debate.

Social media icons concept.

Social media icons concept. Photo: Copyright: fgnopporn / 123RF Stock Photo

A memo issued by the Public Service Commission in Vanuatu said it was restricting social media access in government departments.

It said requests to use social media would have to be approved by the PSC Secretariat before access was enabled.

Port Vila MP and General Secretary of the National Workers Union Ephraim Kalsakau said the government claimed it was concerned about overuse of social media.

But he said it may be a move to restrict political discussion.

" Vanuatu is a small country and the biggest employer is public service by heaps. It also contains most of brains in this country, so we need public servants in social media so people can get to hear and talk about both sides of the coin."

Ephraim Kalsakau said public servants shouldn't be afraid to express their views.