29 Jun 2016

11 missing at sea in Tonga safe

8:08 am on 29 June 2016

Reports from Tonga say 11 people missing at sea in Tongan waters are safely back on land.

The 12 metre boat they were travelling in which set off from Nuku'alofa on Sunday failed to reach its destination that night prompting an air and search yesterday.

Matangi Tonga reported the boat arrived back at the wharf at the Tongan capital yesterday evening.

The website reported some of the passengers were taken to hospital for observation and were later released.

A P3 Orion from the New Zealand air force which was in the area on a training flight was involved in the search.

The boat was on its way north to Ha'apai, a journey of about 90 kilometres when it went missing.

Matangi Tonga reports there was a call for assistance from the boat near the main island of Tongatapu.