28 Jun 2016

Instability in Melanesia linked to perceptions of exclusion

8:53 pm on 28 June 2016

Lack of consultation over changes to governance systems is being blamed for instability in Melanesia.

The finding came following a conference on promoting political and parliamentary stability in Melanesia which wrapped up today in Fiji.

The meeting was organised by the UNDP and attended by around 100 participants from the region.

The National Parliament of Solomon Islands in Honiara.

The National Parliament of Solomon Islands in Honiara. Photo: RNZ Koroi Hawkins

It aimed to analyse governance systems in the Pacific and to improve the effectiveness and stability of parliaments and political systems.

The UNDP's Resident Representative for the Pacific Osnat Lubrani said a common theme found across all countries in Melanesia was that people wanted to be included in the decision making process.

"They have priorities they want health they want education they need services and if the system doesn't deliver or there isn't that understanding or that real connection with citizens," she said.

"Then that is a recipe for eventual failure in terms of bringing that stability that is needed where citizens know that the system delivers."