18 Jun 2016

Norfolk pleads for Canberra to delay NSW absorption

10:02 am on 18 June 2016

The Norfolk Island People for Democracy group is calling on Australia to delay the island's merger into New South Wales set for July 1st.

The group has led opposition on Norfolk since Australia abolished the island's autonomy, a year ago today, [18th June 2015].

Canberra claimed the island could no longer fend for itself and passed laws incorporating it into New South Wales, which is due to happen in just two weeks.

But there has been vigourous opposition including an appeal to the United Nations for Norfolk's listing as a non-self-governing territory.

The island's former culture minister, Robin Adams, said they have written to the Australian Government to point out Canberra was breaching its international obligations.

"And asking it to step up to the plate and take this situation onboard and in the meantime to take steps to put a pause on what is happening until the Special Committee on De-Colonisation has had an opportunity to look at Norfolk Island's case," she said.