16 Jun 2016

We want our jobs back - candidates in Nauru

7:19 am on 16 June 2016

Prospective election candidates in Nauru, forced to resign by the government three months before the election, want their jobs back, after the law was quietly abolished.

The government brought in the controversial ruling earlier this year but opposition MP, former president Sprent Dabwido, said they removed it last month, without fanfare.

Mr Dabwido said about 20 people had resigned, some after working for the government for 25 years, and they want their positions back, along with salaries they would have earned, and other entitlements.

He said the prospective MPs think the government was deceitful.

"They feel this exercise was an exercise the government did just to flush out those wanted to stand against them. When they all resigned the government changed their Act - their legal people advised them the law was against the constitution" he said.

An election is scheduled for July 9th with nominations closing on June 25th.