14 Jun 2016

Govt accounts not audited for 3 years - Cooks opposition

3:57 pm on 14 June 2016
Cook Islands Democratic Party member James Beer.

Cook Islands Democratic Party member James Beer. Photo: RNZI/Sally Round

The Cook Islands opposition coalition has dismissed government claims that it is delivering sound, disciplined financial management.

It says the opposition can't judge because the government's accounts haven't been audited for the past three years.

The opposition's finance spokesman, James Beer, says the economy is slumping, more people are emigrating and pension commitments cannot be met.

He says the government's actions are irresponsible and aid donors, especially New Zealand, need to take notice.

"What we are really concerned about is that we have got documents or crown accounts that haven't been audited for now going on four years," said Mr Beer.

"The last one that came to parliament was for the 2012 period. Any aid agency, any donor agency, which the Cook Islands government - unfortunately the country relies on so much - should be concerned."