14 Jun 2016

Fiji child helpline in demand for not just youth

1:05 pm on 14 June 2016

A child helpline in Fiji is providing services beyond its original purpose as people seek assistance with domestic violence and other stressful situations.

The National Child Helpline was set up in January last year and has received over 11,000 calls.

The permanent secretary at the Ministry of Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation, Josefa Koroivueta, said the main issues reported have been child neglect, abuse and family welfare.

However he said the helpline, which has been expanded to a 24-hour service, has also been able to assist in other areas.

"They were able to counsel people on positive parenting. Even women who had been victims of domestic violence, they were able to be assisted with that facility, even though it was just for National Child Helpline," said Mr Koroivueta.

"We were able to do it based on the different situations we went through. When we went through the tropical cyclone, even people with psycho-social issues, they were also resorting on that."