13 Jun 2016

Severe diarrhoea outbreak in Vanuatu kills one

8:07 am on 13 June 2016

A diarrhoea outbreak in Vanuatu has killed one child and hospitalised several others, some in a critical condition.

The head of paediatrics at Vila Central Hospital, Annette Garae, says the outbreak started three weeks ago in Port Vila and the ward is having to reshuffle rooms to make space for patients.

She told the Daily Post that over 100 patients have been seen for diarrhoea and vomiting, and one in five of them have been admitted for treatment.

The acting medical services manger at Northern Provincial Hospital in Santo, Basil Leodoro, says the children's ward there is starting to fill up with patients as well.

Dr Garae says parents whose children have vomiting and suffering from diarrhoea should see a doctor immediately, as they could be at risk of severe dehydration.