Fritch hopes to sign new autonomy accord with France

8:20 am on 11 June 2016

French Polynesia's President hopes to sign a new autonomy accord with France by the end of the year.

French Polynesia president Edouard Fritch in Paris

French Polynesia President, Edouard Fritch. Photo: supplied

Edouard Fritch has told the territorial assembly that the so-called Papeete Accords would redefine the relationship which he said he would like to tie into the framework of the United Nations.

This is to counter the 2013 reinscripton of French Polynesia as a Non-Self-Governing Territory which was achieved by the pro-independence government led by Oscar Temaru.

The Papeete Accords would provide for the compensation of the victims of the French nuclear weapons tests carried out in the South Pacific between 1966 and 1996.

They would also provide for a memorial of the nuclear legacy and a clean-up of Hao atoll, which was a significant military base that is now set to become an aquaculture centre for Chinese investors.

Mr Fritch says the proposed accords follow discussions with the French President Francois Hollande in Tahiti in February when he reportedly suggested the territory's further development within the French republic.