10 Jun 2016

Nauru MPs' election campaign stymied by house arrest

11:01 am on 10 June 2016
Former Nauru president Sprent Dabwido

Former Nauru president Sprent Dabwido Photo: supplied

As Nauru's prospective new MPs start campaigning for the new parliament, it is proving a particularly onerous challenge for three suspended MPs.

The trio, dumped from Parliament two years ago and charged with a variety of offences after a parliamentary protest one year ago, wants to return.

But one, former president, Sprent Dabwido, said the limits placed on them by their bail conditions were hampering campaigning.

He said they were required each day to be in their own houses from 6pm until 6am the following day, which cramped opportunities to meet with constituents.

"The normal campaign is, you visit people in the evening, you discuss things until eight or nine o'clock and then that's it. But during the day nobody is in this kind of mood and yes, this house arrest that we have been under for a year now, is really making our campaign difficult."

The Nauru parliamentary session is set to finish today and an election date could be set almost immediately.