7 Jun 2016

'Time is tight' for Nauru government challengers

8:03 pm on 7 June 2016

A former Nauru secretary of justice says there's very little time for the government's opponents to have a reasonable attempt at contesting the upcoming election.

The Nauru government recently hiked the nomination fee for candidates from $100 AUD to $2000.

David Lambourne said the parliament was on the brink of being dissolved and that the election could take place as early as next month.

He said this week's sacking of an employee of Australia's regional processing centre, on behest of the government, was another symptom of a government desperate to silence its critics.

"Time is very tight for people wanting to challenge some of the more recent activities of the government through the courts," he said.

"The hike of the nomination fee is just an outrageous move and a stunt that was pulled in the dying days of the Waqa-Adeang Government."

David Lambourne said the likely prospect of the Justice Minister, David Adeang, returning to power was a blow even to current MPs who are seeking justice.