7 Jun 2016

Nauruans want homosexuality banned - MP

2:13 pm on 7 June 2016

A Nauru opposition MP, Squire Jeremiah, has demanded the government immediately repeal new legislation decriminalising homosexuality.

Mr Jeremiah says the reform, announced last month, had been done without any consultation with the people.

He says most Nauruans resent having the legislation forced on them.

The government, which has few opponents within parliament after suspending the bulk of the opposition two years ago, has passed a slew of reforms in recent months.

Mr Jeremiah says once again the Nauru people are being subjected to dictatorial-style government by President Baron Waqa and the Justice Minister David Adeang.

He says decriminalising homosexuality is not in keeping with the views of the wider Nauruan community and older people in particular.

Mr Jeremiah says the law change should immediately be repealed and alll MPs who supported it should apologise to the people for their incompetence and failure.

Baron Waqa, President of Nauru

Baron Waqa, President of Nauru Photo: RNZI / Koro Vaka'uta