6 Jun 2016

Skills service for Vanuatu girls hailed a success

8:17 am on 6 June 2016

A Vanuatu programme to help young girls who drop out of school develop the skills they need to earn a living has been hailed a success.

This little girl was sent by her mother to get some of the clean water being delivered for her baby sister.

Girls in Vanuatu have high dropout rates at school, but a new programme is claiming success in teaching them vital life skills. Photo: RNZI / Koroi Hawkins

The three-week programme by the Red Cross takes in 10 to 15 girls at a time and teaches them skills like sewing and cooking, as well as reproductive health and civil education.

A support officer, Rae Tavoa, said more than 70 girls have completed it since it started in 2014.

She said it was very difficult for girls in Vanuatu to make a living once they dropped out of school.

"This project is all about empowering young women by giving them another chance to earn a living. They teach them income generating skills and we also give them awareness about health and even financial literacy and agriculture, we teach them that."

Rae Tavoa said the centre continued to provide support to the programme's graduates, including providing a shop front service for their products.