4 Jun 2016

Polynesian will resume flights to American Samoa

11:59 am on 4 June 2016

Polynesian Airlines has announced it will resume flights later this year from Faleolo International Airport in Samoa to Pago Pago International Airport in American Samoa.

Polynesian airlines

Polynesian airlines Photo: Free google search image

At present the airline flies between the smaller airport Fagali'i Airport to American Samoa.

The airline made the announcement at this week's Two Samoas Economic Integration Talks in Apia.

Polynesian airlines also said it was adding two new Y12 aircraft to its fleet in early 2017 for flights to American Samoa. At present the Samoa carrier has three Twin Otter.

In addition to the inter Samoa flights, Polynesian is also operating domestic flights in American Samoa between the main island of Tutuila and the outer islands of Manu'a, this service is under special authority granted by the US Department of Transportation.