1 Jun 2016

Prospective Nauru candidate can't raise funds to stand

5:02 pm on 1 June 2016

A prospective first-time election candidate in Nauru says despite fundraising, he doubts he will raise the necessary fee to run for election.

The government had hiked the candidate fee from US$143 to $1,436, and Joseph Harris said with the current cost of living and extremely low pay, that ruled out most people.

Mr Harris joined 18 people in an application to the Supreme Court asking for an injunction on the move, arguing it went against the constitution.

Mr Harris said it was time that people stood up to cynical moves by the government.

"I think it's because of the corruption level that's going on in parliament, the abuse of power, the abuse of office. I think if we let this go on and no one's challenging to make corrections on the faults of this current government then we are all liable for a continuation of this sort of behaviour."

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flag nauru Photo: RNZ/Supplied?