Bougainville MP confident of ongoing international help

2:17 pm on 30 May 2016
Bougainville election officials check ballot papers

Bougainville scrutineers Photo: supplied

A Bougainville woman MP is confident the region will be ready to confront the issues posed by a vote on possible independence from Papua New Guinea.

Bougainville and the national government of PNG have set a tentative date of June 2019 for the vote, which is the final step in the Bougainville Peace Agreement.

Bougainville needs to meet certain criteria ahead of that vote, such as having a viable economy and control of illegal weapons.

The Bougainville North women's seat MP, Francesca Semoso, says she believes international support will continue to be there.

"I am sure there will be countries in the Pacific that have been friends to Bougainville that will come and say 'We will help' but I will need to go and ask, 'Are you able to help?' Is there any country in the world, is there any human being in the world that would like to see a brother not get any help?"