30 May 2016

Nauru fee hike for election candidates challenged in court

11:53 am on 30 May 2016
Nauru opposition MP Mathew Batsiua.

Nauru opposition MP Mathew Batsiua. Photo: Supplied

A group of 18 prospective candidates in Nauru's upcoming general elections has lodged a challenge in the Supreme Court against recent changes to the country's election laws.

The government hiked the nomination fee from $US143 to $USA1,436.

A senior opposition member who was suspended from parliament last year for taking part in a protest, Mathew Batsiua, says the government is doing everything possible in its power to tilt the election in its favour.

He says the fee hike is unconstitutional.

A lawyer and minority female candidate, Gabrissa Hartman, is a co-plaintiff in the legal action and stressed the significance of the challenge, saying it's a necessary step to protect democracy in Nauru.