20 May 2016

Women need to know violence not their fault says Fiji NGO

7:30 am on 20 May 2016

Fiji's Women's Rights Movement wants women to know that the violence they experience is never their fault.

The group's director Tara Chetty said comments by Fiji's speaker, Dr Jiko Luveni that women sometimes aggravate domestic violence are disappointing.

Ms Chetty said violence was caused by perpetrators and deeply entrenched discrimination against women, and there is never any excuse for it.

She said young women often internalise violence and believe they are at fault, so its important not to reinforce negative stereotypes.

"So women already are likely to believe that they are the cause of violence. And we know from some research in the Asia Pacific region, a survey done amongst some young women which showed that 88 percent of them felt that violence could be justified or was at times justifiable in the home."

Tara Chetty said violence against women in Fiji was at crisis levels, with 64 percent of all women having experienced some form of partner violence in their lifetime.

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