Call to end Air Tahiti strike

5:07 pm on 19 May 2016

The French Polynesian government has called for a resolution of the strike at Air Tahiti.

For nearly a week flights have been cancelled or delayed, affecting primarily the Marquesas and Austral Islands.

In a statement, the territorial government said without taking a stance on any of the grievances, it wished a swift end to the crisis.

It warnes that it could harm tourism.

The stoppage was triggered by fear of job losses as domestic air travel had declined.

An Air Tahiti plane

An Air Tahiti plane Photo: Wikimedia Commons

New Caledonia air travel disturbed

A strike by air traffic control staff in New Caledonia has prompted the domestic airline to cancel several of its flights today.

The stoppage has had no impact on international flights from and to Tontouta airport.

A similar strike last month affected mainly domestic travel.