Air Tahiti strikes continue over planned cuts

7:47 am on 19 May 2016

Staff at Air Tahiti are continuing to strike over plans to cut some flights to outer islands in French Polynesia.

An Air Tahiti plane

An Air Tahiti plane Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Air Tahiti is facing losses due to a drop in air traffic, meaning possible job losses and pay cuts for some staff.

Flights to the Gambier islands and to Nuku Hiva in the Marquesas islands were the latest to be cancelled as a result of the strikes.

Tahiti Pacifique magazine publisher Alex du Prel said the territory's only domestic airline was reducing flights to cut losses.

"We have 67 island with airports. Some of the outer islands used to get a plane a week and they want to cut it down to a plane every two weeks, or cut by half, because there is not enough traffic to fill the planes and they are having losses.

Some Air Tahiti staff have been striking for the past five days over the cuts.