18 May 2016

Canberra sends security personnel to Norfolk Island

5:13 pm on 18 May 2016

A team of private security personnel has been sent to Norfolk Island amid the ongoing tensions over Australia's removal of the island's self-government.

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Photo: Norfolk government

A tent city was set up three weeks ago as a protest at the island's now disused legislative chamber.

A spokesperson for the People for Democracy group, Andre Nobbs, said the campers - who can number over 100 some nights - have not faced any pressure to shut down the protest.

The executive director of the administration, Peter Gesling, said the group had a right to protest and there were no plans to try and shut it down.

He also said that he had no knowledge of why the Australian government had sent in security personnel, but it is understood they are guarding government facilities that are due to become the property of New South Wales on 1 July.

Meanwhile, groups on the island opposed to what they call Australia's re-colonisation, remain confident that an appeal to the United Nations for a listing as a non-self-governing territory will be successful.