CNMI's Rota still without a boat service

12:44 pm on 17 May 2016
The coast of Rota in the CNMI.

The coast of Rota in the CNMI. Photo: CT Snow

The people of Rota in the Northern Marianas are still to benefit from the island's acquisition of a new ship, MV Luta, two months ago.

The vessel is meant to ship goods to the island and ease the skyrocketing prices of commodities there due to the lack of shipping services.

It is also expected to ferry passengers between Rota and the main island, Saipan.

But the Luta is being chartered by businessman Robert Toelkes, who works as a consultant for the Lieutenant Governor Victor Hocog.

Meanwhile, there are questions over the legality of the ship's purchase with the former public lands secretary John DelRosario.