12 May 2016

No jobs lost on Norfolk

6:44 pm on 12 May 2016

The executive director of Australia's administration on Norfolk Island, Peter Gesling, says claims staff have been sacked from the government are wrong.

There are reports from the island that dozens of people working for the administration had been made redundant, told they are surplus to requirements or that their skill set does not meet the island's changing needs.

But Mr Gesling said that is not the case.

He said staff have been told the nature of the jobs will change and they are being offered the opportunity to apply.

"It is an indicative assessment. I don't have the full data to back that at this stage but at this stage there would look to be more jobs than there are currently people so that's why jobs are being placed on the open market in Norfolk Island," he said.

Norfolk Island is preparing to be fully integrated into New South Wales from July 1st.

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Photo: Norfolk government