11 May 2016

New Guam campaign against child sex abuse

5:17 pm on 11 May 2016
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Photo: 123RF

A school teacher in Guam says child sexual abuse is a huge problem on the island and he has launched a campaign to help correct it.

Joe Santos started a petition which he planned to take to the Guam Legislature to compel it to remove a two-year statute of limitations for civil claims relating to child sexual abuse.

He said abuse had been swept under the rug in the past, but he decided to take action after students came forward to say they had been victims.

He said the two year time limit on civil claims could deny them justice

"By the time they become emotionally mature enough, psychologically capable of confronting their perpetrators their hands are tied. And then when they do become, at this point of time the way the laws a written by the time they are psychologically prepared and possibly financially capable what is the reason for bringing it out? There is not going to be any closure."

Joe Santos said he had collected about 500 signatures for the Silent No More Campaign so far, but was aiming for thousands.