11 May 2016

Samoa's Solosolo relocates due to sea rise and mining

2:40 pm on 11 May 2016

The Samoan village of Solosolo is moving inland due to the effects of sea level rise which has been hastened by sand mining operations.

The website Talamua Online reports 60 percent of people in the village have relocated to higher ground but a few still want to stay by the coast.

A Solosolo resident, To'omata Nora Leota, said the village was vulnerable to rising seas and to the nearby river bursting its banks during heavy rain.

The village asked for a grant to build a seawall to fend off the rising sea, but that too failed as the seawall was slowly sinking.

It approached the government to stop issuing sand licences for mining.

To'omata said the mining was destroying the village and jeorpardising safety.

Beach in Samoa

Beach in Samoa Photo: RNZ/Supplied?