6 May 2016

International West Papua meeting dismissed as publicity stunt

7:56 pm on 6 May 2016

Indonesia has dismissed a meeting of international parliamentarians in London to discuss West Papua as a mere publicity stunt.

The group, International Parliamentarians for West Papua, this week called for an internationally supervised vote on West Papua's independence.

But in a series of posts on Twitter, the Indonesian embassy in Australia says the meeting was a publicity stunt organised by a "small group of Papuan separatists and sympathisers."

It says the United Nations and international community already recognise Papua as part of Indonesia, saying the region already has self-determination through special autonomy, elections, and education.

It accused the United Liberation Movement for West Papua and the prominent activist Benny Wenda of being very cunning in making false claims about the region.

The embassy says the government of President Joko Widodo is mobilising the nation's resources to deliver much-needed infrastructure and public services.

However, it did concede that violence was still an issue, but says many cases have been brought to justice.

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