3 May 2016

Nauru MPs to get Supreme Court hearing

8:12 am on 3 May 2016

Three Nauru MPs charged over a protest outside Parliament nearly a year ago have succeeded in having their cases referred back to the Supreme Court.

Former Nauru president Sprent Dabwido

Former Nauru president Sprent Dabwido Photo: supplied

The MPs, who have been suspended from parliament for much of the past two years for speaking to the international media, had contended they were denied their constitutional rights when police arrested them over the protest.

The cases have been lobbed from court to court as the MPs seek to have lawyers from Australia given visas and accreditation.

One of the MPs, former Nauru president Sprent Dabwido, says police by arresting them had denied the MPs their rights to freedom of assembly and freedom of speech.

"Under the Constitution we have that right but they don't recognise that."

"Finally last week the Magistrate Court recognised that and said 'OK it is a constitutional matter so take it to the Supreme Court of Nauru where the constitutional rights of Nauruans can be discussed.' It is a small victory for us"

Sprent Dabwido says they expect their day in court, before a full bench, in June.