PNG police under UN spotlight with periodic review

7:30 am on 2 May 2016

The United Nations Human Rights Adviser to Papua New Guinea says police conduct will be looked at during its review in Geneva.

PNG Police at the 2015 Pacific Islands Forum meeting.

PNG Police at the 2015 Pacific Islands Forum meeting. Photo: RNZI / Koro Vaka'uta

PNG will this week undergo its Universal Periodic Review of human rights.

During its last review in 2011, concerns were raised about violence against women and women's rights, and these will be raised again.

Patrick Castellan said there were also questions around police brutality, despite signs of improvement in that area.

"There've been violations continuing. PNG is currently engaged in a process of reform or reconsideration about all the discipline within the agency. They are organising training on human rights for example, there have been some important declarations about restoring discipline."

A critical UN report into Special Agricultural and Business Leases, which notes the alienation of indigenous lands without consent, is also expected to feature.