28 Apr 2016

Norfolk calls for resignation of island's administrator

8:10 pm on 28 April 2016

Residents on Norfolk Island are calling for the resignation of the island's Australian administrator, accusing him of misrepresenting their views to the people and government of Australia.

Norfolk Island Coat of Arms

Norfolk Island Coat of Arms Photo: None

Canberra ended the island's limited autonomy and will make it a ward of New South Wales by the beginning of July.

A letter to Gary Hardgrave dated the 27th of April outlined a list of grievances, including allegations that his administration had censored all political discussion on the local government-run radio station.

The letter's author, a former Norfolk chief minister Andre Nobbs, said the biggest grieveance with Mr Hardgrave were his false claims that the majority of the island's residents supported the change when more than 60 percent voted against it in a public referendum.

" When you have an administrator who has misrepresented those views and that misrepresentation has led to the situation we find ourselves in now where you have got to really take it to the next level and seek some type of correction to the situation."

Andre Nobbs said if Mr Hardgraves refused to resign, a long list of complaints would be presented to the Governor General and Prime Minister of Australia.