Top CNMI resort in financial strife

11:28 am on 25 April 2016

The ill-fated five-star hotel on Tinian in the Northern Marianas is in such bad financial shape it can't afford a lawyer.

The Tinian Dynasty Hotel and Casino was closed last year because it failed to meet the requirements of the territory's gambling commission, which left hundreds of people unemployed.

The owners are facing a law suit from many of those staff, but in a letter to the US District Court in Saipan, they said they are in such financial trouble that they can't hire legal representation.

The court last week ordered the owners, Hong Kong Entertainment Investments Ltd and Mega Stars Overseas Ltd, to appear with counsel for a second status conference on the 24th of May.

The judge, Ramona Manglona, said if the companies appear without legal counsel, they would have to explain why sanctions should not be imposed.

Dynasty casino, Tinian, CNMI.

Dynasty casino, Tinian, CNMI. Photo: RNZ / Mark Rabago