25 Apr 2016

No food concerns in Samoa after Cyclone Amos

8:51 am on 25 April 2016

The head of Samoa's disaster management council says he doesn't expect any food shortages as a result of Cyclone Amos this weekend.

More powerlines down following tropical cyclone Amos.

More powerlines down following tropical cyclone Amos. Photo: 350 Pacific

The category two cyclone struck the country on Saturday night much weaker than feared, but heavy rains and strong winds still caused some flooding, landslides and other minor damage.

The chief executive of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Suluimalo Amataga Penaia, said some plantations had been damaged, but many had come through ok.

"It's mainly some banana patches. But taro plantations, you know, everything according to our reports are doing OK. You can see when you're driving around the island, there's only some banana patches that have fallen down, but with the taro plantations, it's all fine."

Suluimalo Amataga Penaia said Samoa had come out of the cyclone relatively unscathed.