21 Apr 2016

More workers laid off on Norfolk Island

11:17 am on 21 April 2016

There is further turmoil on Norfolk Island with about 20 more government workers losing their jobs on Wednesday.

This comes as part of the Australian government's winding down of services ahead of the island being formally reduced to regional council status.

The latest job losses come after dozens of others have been laid off, without redundancy and unemployment payments and with limited opportunity of other work being found.

The Australian administrator on the island, former talk-back radio host Gary Hardgrave, said he cannot speak about any of the issues because he was overseeing the election of the new regional council.

But reports from the island say workers are furious at the lack of information given and what has been called the curt manner of the dismissals.

Meanwhile, Norfolk Islanders wanting to sit on the soon to be established regional council are being invited to briefing sessions.

Last year the Australian government ended Norfolk's limited self-government with plans to have it administered as a regional council under the New South Wales Government.

That change is due in June.

The move is highly controversial on Norfolk with many people angry over Canberra's actions and concerned at the loss of their independence and the impact on their culture.

A meeting on Monday endorsed plans to present a petition to the United Nations next week in New York seeking listing as a Non-Self Governing Territory.

Nominations for the regional council close on Wednesday 27th April.