18 Apr 2016

US documents available in Samoan

2:44 pm on 18 April 2016

The US Department of Labor has translated documents with information on laws, benefits and entitlements into Samoan.

The federal agency has also made the Samoan language documents available online.

Director of the Wage and Hour Division, Hawaii District, Terence Trotter says the availability of the Samoan material is a great stride forward in their outreach efforts.

Mr Trotter says the material includes minimum wage rates for various American Samoa industries, fact sheets on the process for investigating worker complaints, common employment situations, as well as how to calculate pay for time worked.

"Basically, how do I know if my employer is counting my time correctly. What happens if I happen to eat at my desk and answer the phone? Should that be counted as time worked? The answer is yes. What happens if I have to travel to go from one assignment to another customer's assignment? Does the travel time in between those jobs count? What about pre-shift activities?"