CNMI utililities asks for water emergency declaration

2:21 pm on 11 April 2016

The utilities company in the Northern Marianas has asked Governor Ralph Torres to declare an emergency so it can bypass regulations to address a looming water crisis.

Last week, the Commonwealth Utilities Corporation admitted that up to 70 percent of water it produces is unaccounted for due to leaks and illegal connections.

CUC said it needed the governor to declare an emergency so it could address the state of the water infrastructure on Saipan and the financial inability of CUC to fund that cost.

A close-up of a plumber screwing a plumbing fitting onto a pipe

Photo: 123RF

Some of the islands' water infrastructure dates backs to the end of the Second World War.

The utility also said without an emergency declaration it would be unable to provide adequate, 24-hour water supply for the residents of Saipan.

Currently only 73 percent of island's residents have 24-hour water.