Tahiti court hears abuse cases

2:34 pm on 6 April 2016

A week-long court case has opened in French Polynesia of 25 people accused of misusing their positions to extend and receive favours.

Among the accused are 13 customs officials, bank staff and airline employees as well as a garage owner.

Three years ago, the garage owner had already been given a seven-year jail term for smuggling drugs inside car parts into the territory.

The customs officials, who say they were unaware of the drug trafficking, are accused of charging him low tariffs in exchange for a discount on car repairs.

The bank employees are accused of running an illicit money exchange operation at the airport to the benefit of their friends.

The flight personnel of Air Tahiti Nui are accused of faking documents to secure discounted airline tickets.

The trial is expected to end on Friday, with verdicts first due in several weeks.

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Photo: 123RF