6 Apr 2016

Sport: 'Ikale Tahi players concerned by Tonga Rugby saga

11:27 am on 6 April 2016

Tongan rugby players are concerned by the on-going problems at the country's Rugby Union.

World Rugby suspended all financial support to the TRU at the start of January, after the interim administration led by Fe'ao Vunipola sacked a bunch of staff, including the CEO, High Performance Manager, 'Ikale Tahi coach and sevens coach.

Tonga rugby coach Mana Otai.

Former Tonga rugby coach Mana Otai. Photo: AFP

Officials are in Nuku'alofa this week for talks with the Union and Tonga Government, in an attempt to resolve the situation.

'Ikale Tahi first five Kurt Morath said he's been keeping an eye on the situation.

"I know I guess it's always hard when you see things like that going on and you just sort of hope for the best that things will work itself out. I know a lot of other guys from our team feel the same way and when most of the guys - I think 95 percent of the guys - are playing overseas it makes it even more difficult because all that stuff is going on back at home so hopefully things will get sorted out as soon as possible."

Kurt Morath is about to head to the US, where he's the marquee player in the San Diego franchise competing in the inaugural PRO Rugby professional league.

The 31 year old remained hopeful of representing the 'Ikale Tahi in the June internationals against Samoa, Fiji and Georgia.

'Ikale Tahi first five Kurt Morath.

'Ikale Tahi first five Kurt Morath. Photo: AFP