5 Apr 2016

Imported bottled water tax proposed for American Samoa

3:22 pm on 5 April 2016

An American Samoan lawmaker is seeking to impose a five cent tax on imported bottles of water.

Representative Puletuimalo Dick Koko introduced the proposed bill, saying revenue collected from the bottled water tax would go towards upgrading three old tourism sites in Leone village.

Our correspondent, Fili Sagapolutele, said one of those sites is a waterfall which was a significant part of the tourism industry years ago.

She said Puletuimalo, who is from Leone village, wants to fix the roads into that area.

"With the hope of attracting tourists, making another tourist attraction in American Samoa, as that's one of the big issues for the territory is finding locations and old sites for people visiting the territory to go there and enjoy."

But Fili Sagapolutele said the bill was attracting criticism from the Chamber of Commerce, which said the tax proposal is staggering and more than the tax on alcohol and soft drinks.