23 Mar 2016

Sport: Pacific rugby teams approve of new points system

1:15 pm on 23 March 2016

The Fiji Warriors have given the thumbs up to a new point-scoring system trialled in the Pacific Challenge competition, saying it encourages running rugby and will change the game.

The home side beat Samoa A 36-0 in the Pacific Challenge final on Monday, their sixth title at this level and first since 2013.

The competition experimented with a new scoring system, featuring six point tries, eight points for a penalty try with no conversion taken and two points each for a conversion, penalty or drop goal.

The offside line was also moved one metre back from a redefined ruck, among other changes.

Fiji Warriors coach Senirusi Seruvakula said it was hard to adapt initially but his players were used to the new rules by the second game.

"When the tournament started they just told us this is how it's going to go and that we just have to try our best and follow that system. I think it's pretty cool - the scores have changed and some of the rules have changed. It's going to change the game a lot in Fiji. People have to get used to it and now they're going to go for more tries than going more penalties and kicks for goal."

The experimental laws will also be trialled during next months World Rugby Under-20 Trophy, in the New Zealand domestic competition and some other European leagues.

Fiji Warriors celebrate winning the 2016 World Rugby Pacific Challenge.

Fiji Warriors celebrate winning the 2016 World Rugby Pacific Challenge. Photo: Fiji Rugby